Sunday, September 22, 2013


What role did reading or story play in your life as a young child and what affect (if any) do you think it had on your development as a reader?

Reading affected my life in so many different ways. By learning how to read I believe that is one of the reasons I am as advanced as I am. Because I learned to read at such a early age I could read advanced books for my age very fast and I learned so much. The only thing I asked for for Christmas in 2nd grade was an electrical thesaurus for when I am reading I could just go look up the words. This gift seriously helped me out so much. I learned a countless amount of words, and it helped me so much. I also realllllllly think my daycare teacher before school really helped my reading start. She encouraged us to read all the time and helped us out with making the sounds, and she made reading fun, which is why I loved reading so much. All through elementary school I loved reading and read ALL the time. But once middle school came around and reading became an assignment and we had to read a center amount of pages in a center amount of time with a center book that we may have liked, kind of killed the joy of reading for me. I can occasionally find a good book that I like or a series and zoom through it, but reading isn't something I do much recently, unless I have to. The books I read developed me as a reader because I guess I figured out what I like? Like if I read a book I didn't like I then remember that genre I don't like so that is probably a development of me as a reader because now I still don't read that genre? Even as a kid stories about like love that can't happen or like is forbidden, are my favorites. It's super cheesy but those are like my dream books. So my development of a reader is thanks to my daycare lady and a unthanks to my middle school English teachers for ruining reading for me.

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