Sunday, November 24, 2013


I think happiness happens when you succeed at the American Dream. In some peoples eyes you never succeed in life and they will always want more, but for others they could have an average paying job that they loved, 7 kids and be struggling with money but they are still happy because they love everything in their life. Kind of like the 12 items Thoreau brought because he was happy in life with the bare minimum. Happiness is different for everyone you meet, Thoreau as an example. He went and lived in the woods with only 12 small items, yet he was happy. Most people nowadays would have totally different items, and they would probably involve more electricity and internet than the necessities But even though Thoreau wasn't living a luxurious life compared to rich movie stars, he was living his American Dream, because to him the dream was to be happy. Whereas if you talked to a super-rich person, there American Dream would be very different compared to Thoreau's. Well actually their dream is probably different from everyone. There are many different ways, I believe, to achieve the American Dream. To me the American Dream would be to live a luxurious life, with a nice job, no kids, no husband, and being able to travel a lot, but if you talked to anyone else there definition would be totally different.

Also, people resort to chemicals and medicine to be happy. People with depression take pills, to make them happy, but is that true happiness? If your happiness is caused by a pill are you actually happy or is something making you happy, so it's not true happiness? I think it is true happiness even if you are taking pills or doing drugs, because first of all you are feeling happy, so that is your happiness. Second, if you know if you don't have the pills you will be in a bad mood, you happily take the pills knowing they will keep you from getting depressed and feeling bad. You still are yourself and our doing the things you like, and the things that make YOU happy, and all the pills are doing really are just keeping bad thoughts out of your head and releasing hormones or something to make you happy. (I don't know if that's true but this is an English blog not a Science blog so don't judge me) Drugs, like the illegal ones, are kind of iffy for me though. Like they are making you happy and you are enjoying doing them, but like they also are making you not yourself and like making you thoughts weird so you are happy, but it's a weird happiness because you aren't yourself. But then again the people that do drugs enjoy the act of doing drugs because they like the outcome. So I guess those drugs are true happiness also.


  1. At this point, your blog doesn't cite any sources or evidence. It's just your opinion at this point. I can give you more feedback once you bring in some outside sources to your writing.


  2. Hey bud, okay I think your blog is good. There are many spelling errors and looks like you were just sounding out your words like "our" but its are*. Nice try idiot. Also, I like your points on happiness, those are also my views and I'm glad we can share the same views. (PS look up the song Hesher by Wallpaper) Oh and I love you but your blog needs outside sources ya dink.