Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I am doing my non-fiction project on Derek Smith, also known as MODSUN. The plan is to interview MODSUN, and get most of my information from him. I will most likely do a PowerPoint presentation to present my research but I do not know for sure yet. I don't have for sure question yet to base my whole project around, but it will include MODSUN and his stardom. The research I could get off the internet would be from his website, Twitter, and some other random sites with stories about him. Most of the research I would get would be from the interview with MODSUN if that is possible. Some setbacks that I can kind of expect would be, MODSUN is very busy right now because he is finishing an album in the woods in New York, and he won’t be home for a few weeks, then he plans on putting out the album, and he will be very busy with other interviews. I expect him to want to do the interview because he obviously loves his fans, but I just expect it to be pushed back because he is so busy. I can think of a few questions I want to base my project around, but they all seem kind of generic. I might ask him what inspires musicians, and use him as an example, or I could ask something like “How does it feel when you are walking down the street and random people know who you are because they listen to your music?” I have a lot of different questions I could ask, but I don’t know which one I like the best yet. The experts/professionals I plan to contact, would be MODSUN’s lawyer, who I have already spoken with, and any other of MODSUN’s staff I could contact, and of course, MODSUN. I think that is most of my project, but if I add anything else, or figure anything else out, I'll let you know.

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