Sunday, February 9, 2014

Claim, Evidence, Warrant

A very controversial subject in America is abortion. Many believe abortion should be abolished and should not be allowed, but abortion should stay legal. It is not fair to the mother to have to give birth to a child she does not want. What if the victim was raped, why would she want to give birth to a child who would only remind her of the rapist? That is not fair to the mother, or the child. She should mot have to take care of a child and give up her life because of the evil in our world. A study in 2004 by Wm. Robert Johnson says that over 25% of abortions are because they cannot afford a baby. Why would you want a baby to be born into the world if it will not be able to have its necessities because the parent/a could not afford it. This is important because it is a terrible way to live and it is a reason why abortions should stay legal. Many people bring religion into and say "god created them and doesn't want them killed" well would God want them to suffer? If his kingdom is so amazing, why not give kids the privilege of going straight to it instead of to our world that is filled with sin? What I mean by the last statement, is that the people arguing about religion are usually strong believers, and strong believers normally believe in heaven. If heaven is there, why not give them the pleasure of going there?Here are 20 arguments with reasoning as to why they are invalid. This is just a few arguments people against abortion argue, yet they are all unreasonable. These are important because we need to see both sides of an argument to understand why we believe what we believe.


  1. I want to start off with the fact that I like that you stand strong on your opinions. However, you need to include more information to back up your stance on the subject. There are plenty of people out there with the same or at least similar thoughts as you have, find some and add them in. In this part, I think I understand what you meant, but it took me a little while to fully comprehend your point. "If his kingdom is so amazing, why not give kids the privilege of going straight to it instead of to our world that is filled with sin?" In the future, make sure to explain all of your points thoroughly. The links that you do have, are not all that reliable. For example, NEVER, and I mean NEVER use Wikipedia as a source. That is accessible by anyone and editable by anyone. That is a great starting point to help you as a writer understand the subject, but is not a good support to back up your thoughts. My one last critique is that you need to lay your blog out as an actual article instead of an assignment. You should have shown your claim, evidence, and warrant rather than giving them headings. This blog has the potential to be very moving and influential, but it just needs some more time put into it to get there. Keep your strong opinions and improve the research you use to back them up. It will get you very far if you do. Keep up the good work!

  2. I would recommend you search for topics like this on CQ Researcher instead of Google. Your sources aren't very academic or scholarly. The dictionary isn't really a source, because it doesn't provide evidence, just a definition.

    Some more specific evidence would really help you with a very strong claim. You have about 50 more words to add to this, so you can afford a little more warrant to connect your evidence to your claim. You have a good start here and you picked a topic with a lot of evidence available. It's a hot issue and you have taken a stand on it. A greater focus on evidence is all you need.

    Can you break this into paragraphs? It would appear much more organized that way.