Sunday, February 9, 2014


I think learning about all the logical fallacies was really good, and helpful. But at some points it is annoying. Because now whenever anyone is trying to use a logical fallacy in an argument I realize it right away and just think about it the whole argument. It taught me some things about how to argue, because no one really knows what logical fallacies are yet, so we can use them all the time. I always use Cherry Picking, and Appeal to Emotion. Even though none of my friends really know what logical fallacies are, they still kind of get what each one is, just not that it is a fallacy. But, whenever I am in an argument or trying to explain something, I have a better like way to describe it using one of the fallacies, because people fall for them pretty easy. But whenever I hear a logical fallacy it kind of seems like the whole argument is just invalid. Like since they are using a logical fallacy, even if they are using it correctly, it is just wrong. Like it could be used correctly, but it just makes it wrong for some reason. I'm really happy we learned the fallacies though because it is really helpful during arguments and just when you are explaining something in general.

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