Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dystopian Novel

Im talking about The Long Walk by Stephen King, and there are going to be spoilers about the ending of the book so DO NOT read if you don't want to hear the ending.

 This is absolutely the worst book I have ever read, yet at the same time it is an amazing book. Stephen King is a great author and he has a super impressive vocabulary and just writes each sentence with a lot of precision like he re-wrote each one 100 times until it was perfect. Yet the whole book was depressing, you can read my other blog post if you want to listen to me rant about how depressing it is, but I want to talk about better parts of the book. So at the end you figure out Stebbins, a character I ended up really liking, is a bastard son of The Major. The Major is like the leader of this whole civilization it seems like, I think. He seems kind of stuck up in my opinion and that he is better than all of these dumb kids and he doesn't have time for any of them except to do roll call. Well within the last pages of the book Stebbins, Baker, Garraty and McVries are walking and Garraty asks Stebbins why he is doing the walk. It is obvious Garraty gets under Stebbins skin, and Stebbins gets silent. Stebbins then tells a story about the mechanical rabbit, and he is the rabbit he says. Then he drops a bombshell and tells the other walkers that The Major is his father and that he was walking so that when he got the prize he could ask that The Major "be taken into his father's home", which I don't really get, but I think he just wanted to be noticed by his father.

 I loved Stebbins mainly because he is just the person that surprises you. I love people who end up being totally different than your first impression because it just makes you think about how judgmental you can be and how you can just be so wrong. I don't understand why I like that so much but I just do. In the beginning of the walk, Garraty notices Stebbins and pretty much just decides that he is going to lose right away, yet Stebbins lasts to the final five. That is just so cool how wrong you can be about people. Stebbins is just so complex than the lanky weird guy eating Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches that you meet in the beginning. He is just doing this to get noticed by his father who was never in his life. I am not gonna lie, I started to tear up when Stebbins died, he just reminded me of so many people in real life who just try so hard to impress people and can just never get their attention. I just want to give him a big hug and give him attention.

 "And when the hand touched his shoulder again, he somehow found the strength to run."

 This was in my opinion the most meaningful sentence in the whole book. He just finished walking for 5 days straight, watched every person he met along the way die, and come close to dying himself. I think this should just be read to everyone in the world. This teenage boy has just gone through hell in the last 5 days, and then somehow finds enough strength to run. Even if you go through terrible events in your life, you can always find strength in yourself. That is just so inspirational and happy.

 That was the cheesiest paragraph I have ever written in my life so I am done now.

 I pretty much just focused on the last chapter of the book for this blog, but I think that was pretty much when all the action happened, and even though other things happened through out the book, this just actually made me kind of, like the book.

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