Monday, April 14, 2014

The Long Walk

This blog is about the book The Long Walk, by Stephen King, in case you were wondering. The book is about a long walk basically. 100 teenage boys from around the country go to Maine to walk. Once they start they just walk. The walkers have to maintain a speed of 4 miles per hour, and if they dip below that speed for more than 30 seconds they receive a warning. After their 3rd warning, they get a ticket and at first you don't know what a ticket is other than that they are ticketed, but you later figure out they just get shot. They can just get shot immediately for doing bad things or violating the rules. The person who out-walks everyone else wins, and the reward is everything you want in life. Unlimited everything.

The Long Walk is a super depressing book, in my opinion. All the characters you meet and end up liking, die at some point, except the soldiers, who you don't really get to know anyway. They all talk about their struggles in life and what they will do when they win, yet they end up dying of stupid causes like stopping because they have a blister. No amount of training can prepare you if you get a Charley-horse or in one mans case, bad blisters. You become connected to certain characters and start to feel bad for them, knowing they are gonna die. Even though you never know the ending of a book, since the book is from Garraty's point of view, you can pretty much assume how it ends, but with Stephen King you can't really be sure. He is a dark author and in this book you really notice a lot of dark humor. An example is when a man falls to the ground and then starts laughing uncontrollably. When he doesn't get up, he has violated the rules, and is shot.

At first when I heard like what the book was about I was super anxious to read it and it sounded super interesting, but it is just completely depressing. Every person you meet in the whole book dies except one of them, which you can kind of guess who it is throughout the whole book. The end of the book was definitely what I expected to happen, but you got one HUGE surprise at the end that just blew your mind. I suggest you read, if you like being depressed.

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