Sunday, May 11, 2014


"Eh: Good Enough"

Our Utopia was called Eh and the motto was "Good Enough". Our whole Utopia is meant to be a calm, peaceful, natural, organic place to live. Most people do not have electricity and we only eat food we grow from the ground, or livestock. We do not drive cars, and other than that you can transport yourself any way you want to. Throughout our country we have community gardens everywhere that you can grab an apple, or tomato while you walk. We have very few laws because all the people in our Utopia are raised there, so instead of giving them laws and introducing them to bad things, we never let them get it into their minds that they can do things like that. Our main law is to respect the well being of yourself and others, which covers pretty much everything. Our only other law is Be Groovy, which they all will be anyway. We want to pretty much isolate our country from the rest of the world because there is so much bad in the world and we don't want bad influences on our people. We will have a dome covering our country to regulate weather and make everyday a good day.

Creating this Utopia made me really be grateful for the country I live in and kind of have more respect for it. It is impossible to create a government with no flaws and even though I disagree with a lot of things our government might do, overall they are just trying to do the best thing for everyone in our society. I think the fact that a Utopia is impossible to make annoyed me a lot during the making of it because whatever idea I had somehow my mind came up with a reason someone would not like to live there. Although our Utopia has many flaws to other people, it is a Utopia for us.

Some key parts of a country our Utopia needs to have is people to government them some way, so we have 4 leaders, Sam, Noah, Peter and I. We pretty much govern them IF we have problems with them, which we most likely will not. If that time comes, we will deal with it. We are equal to the people and have to follow the same rules and we get no privileges they don't, except that we will have some, yet very small, access to the outside world just to make sure no one plans to come to our country or if anything serious is happening that would in any way affect the well being of our citizens.

Although our Utopia is flawed in many ways, it would definitely be a pretty rad place to live.

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