Wednesday, June 4, 2014

End of Year Post


This year I learned so much in English about not only literature and placement of commas, but about life too. McCallum you taught me so much about who I am and I am so grateful I had the pleasure of having you as a teacher.

So, I decided to look back at my first blog and seriously I sucked at writing. Not saying I am good now, but I remember purposefully writing every 'do not' and 'has not' 2 words so I could fill up the word limit. Writing blogs was such a pain at first, and now I actually like writing my blogs and even though I don't do it on time sometimes (sorry McCallum) when I do write them, I actually KIND OF have fun. 

One discussion that was probably my favorite discussion all year was when we all got a playing card and had a super deep conversation about it. We talked about how you might be the King of Twos, but the Two of the rest of the deck. I thought that was a really cool way to think about it and that was for sure my favorite discussion we had all year.

My all-time favorite part of the year was the AMLE convention. Getting to walk all around that place as the only students in the country and stand on chairs to take pics and wear a badge, was super cool. I felt so accomplished after that day and just being in the cities with other Questers and McCallum and making the newsletter, was just super fun. The word fun does't even do it justice and if you ever get the chance to be a Student Reporter at the AMLE convention, do it. 

Oh gosh. I saw on the list of discussion topics lead-transition-quote stories, and I think that was the worst piece of writing I have ever done. Sine you guy didn't read it, which I hope you never will be tortured with doing, was about a girl who liked goulasch. First of all, that is literally the worst topic ever, and second, I don't know how to write which obviously shows through when you read it. I remember all the yearbook kids just shit on the project and I already knew it sucked and I was so secretly embarrassed, and that was just for sure my least favorite thing I think I have ever done in all of schooling.

I also saw experience points on the discussion list, and if any of you want to see my kiss a sock, (my husband) you should for sure watch this video.

Ok well huge shoutout to Mr. McCallum for being a super cool teacher and putting up with me. Plus, thanks to Lumby, Michael, Alyssa, Molly and Hali, for being really cool mentors and even if you just sat on the counter and played on your phone it was still fun having you there. 

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