Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Non- Fiction Project- Fan Engagement

Fan Engagement

 This project was definitely over-whelming, but when I was finished I was happy and felt so accomplished. I had a lot of fun doing my project and I am happy I chose something I was passionate about and interested in learning about. I had tons of fun trying to find people to email me back (s/o to david beame) and I liked trying to get data.

 Other than that, my project was hard. I didn't really know what to write about in it, so I kind of just rambled. At first I just put bullet points with stuff I wanted to talk about, and it was super un-organized. I practiced my presentation like 300 times in my room and thought about things I could fix and at the end I must of found a lot of things because I actually liked my project and I had a lot of work done. It wasn't that hard to do once you started, but getting started was super hard because I didn't know what to start with.

 Some things I definitely could of fixed or done better was (other than starting earlier) just tried to find more people to talk to. I mainly focused on MODSUN which was dumb because when he didn't reply then I didn't have any primary sources other than tweets, which aren't even really primary. I would of contacted a lot more people right from the start instead of waiting so long for MODSUN's lawyer to reply. I might of picked a different project that was easier to find things about on the internet, or anywhere really, that I could actually write scholarly things about, but I overall liked my project.

 My presentation didn't really have a lot of 'useful' information or info that they would walk away with, but I definitely thought it was interesting to listen to, even if it wasn't stuff they would actually like keep in their minds.

 If I ever do a research project again I would start so much earlier. Like I get that we weren't supposed to write about that but that is for sure the number 1 thing I regret in doing this project, is starting so late. I think it for sure showed during their presentations which kids started when we started and really put 110% into it, and so presenting mine I felt like people could definitely tell I didn't start when the rest of the kids did, which was embarrassing. Like I kept waiting to get another reply from MODSUN's lawyer and I told myself I would start when he e-mailed me back, but he never did and then some kids already had their project done, which was definitely not only stressful, but over-whelming.

 After it is all finished, I am happy with how it all worked out and how my project turned out. This was one of my favorite projects we did and even though I wish I had more instructions, it was really cool getting just like thrown out there and letting us do literally whatever we wanted and letting us really be creative. Structure is fun to base something off of, but you only can really learn with creativity. So, thanks McCallum.

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