Friday, October 31, 2014

Ethnography Preconceptions

For my ethnography project I will be observing the Clearwater Elementary Schools Spanish Immersion Program. I picked this culture because my step mom teaches the class and I wanted to do something observing kids because I think it is so cool that kids can be so little and ignorant then grow up, and maybe become super smart or really famous. I just think it's fascinating how kids will someday grow up to be an adult and I am just really interested with kids.

My broker is Tammy and she is the teacher of the 2nd grade Spanish Immersion class I will be observing. During the school day in this classroom the students are not allowed to speak English, and anyone in the classroom is not allowed to speak English either. The only times they are allowed to speak English during the day is in the library, music room, and during their lunch time. If the students don't know a word they can look it up in their dictionaries at their desks, but they aren't allowed to speak any English. Although I am not fluent in Spanish, I can speak enough to be able to introduce myself and make small talk with the students.

When I picture the classroom I picture a more formal setting with the kids maybe wearing uniforms, like they do in a lot of Spanish speaking countries, but I assume they all are really smart. I kind of picture a younger looking group of Quest kids all completely fluent in Spanish.

Overall I am expecting normal looking students in uniforms in more of a formal classroom. Other than those few things I don't really have any other strong assumptions of the class.

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