Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Drinking Age

A highly spoken about topic right now, and always, is our age limits. Common knowledge is that in all US states the drinking age is 21. This  differs from pretty much every country in the world. For a lot of countries the drinking age is much lower than the US high 21. Although the views differ, Republicans more commonly believe the age should be lowered, and Democrats lean towards the same conclusion. Personally, I think our age limit is too high. If someone can legally make their own decisions at the age of 18, why is the drinking age any higher? I think this is pretty stupid. By the time a person is 21 they are in some cases already moved out of their home, working full time jobs, and paying their owns bills. Why are they unable to go out and buy themselves an alcoholic beverage? I just don't see where it makes sense. It is like we are babying people. 

I understand the opposing side, that people need to mature more before they can consume alcohol, but I also believe if we give people the opportunity to drink when they are younger, they can learn what to do and get habits that will stick with them. It would also help a lot of problems that accompany the amount of minors and teen crimes under the influence. If you give them the opportunity to drink while they are still at home with their parents they can kind of learn what to do so they are more responsible when they leave the home and consume alcohol. Also a big part of teen drinking is just the thrill of being drunk, and the adrenaline rush of breaking the law. I think if the age was lower, teens would not consume as much alcohol because the thrill of it is gone. I obviously can't say that confidently because I don't know the future, but that is just my observation of teen drinking.

I overall just think this would help teens and young adults become more responsible while under the influence of alcohol and help them develop good habits that would last with them their whole lives.

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  1. I'm fascinated by this topic, just because I don't believe our nation is successful in combating alcohol abuse. We have strict laws, but are they effective in our culture? I don't know the answer to this one, but I feel our country should revisit this debate.