Thursday, May 7, 2015

Power Held By The President

The President of America is and always will be one of the most honored men in our society, whether we like him or not. The President often receives intense criticism and hate from hundreds of thousands of people, online, on the news, and pretty much anywhere they can voice their opinions. Although most people love voicing their opinions, a lot of people don't fully understand how many roles and jobs the president has to keep up with on an every day basis. Some of the presidents roles include;

-Chief of State
-Chief Diplomat
-Commander in Chief
-Chief of Party
-Chief Executive
-Legislative Leader
-Party Leader
-Economic Leader

Those are just some of the roles the president plays every day, which sounds to me like a pretty hard job. In this blog I am going to go more in depth with a few of those roles and explain what that really means.

Party Leader is personally my favorite role the president plays, if I had to have a favorite role the president plays. Part of that job is influencing and inspiring the people of America, I mean a president should be doing that anyway but I like that it is one of the assigned roles, it just kind of guarantees that the president will stay a role model for kids and teens.

Another job of the president is Commander In Chief. This just means the president has power to send troops to war and pretty much command them. Congress is allowed to pull troops after 60 days, but the president has the say in sending them.

The last role I am going to talk about is Economic Leader. I don't know why I picked this one but it pretty much means the president plans the budget, in a super short summary.

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