Monday, February 22, 2016

The Survival of Tangible Journalism

The tangibility of any type of journalism is slowly diminishing, for the good or for the bad? Although the good or bad is all opinion, the underlying factor is we are seeing more digital journalism than not. The American Press Institute reports that 69% of Americans get their daily news online. The leading way of viewing the news from the 1,492 surveyed was the television.

Can journalism survive like this? I think through the easy access of news now, journalism will thrive. People always have their phones on them and the accessibility is an advantage. Even teens are looking at the news when they are bored and have nothing else to do, they can slide right on their SnapChats and click on different news sources and slide through and view stories that interest them. I believe this is wonderful and the easy access and what news they use makes young adults interested and engages them  in something they may not of given any time to view otherwise.

In my previous paragraph I focused more so on just journalism and not the outlets it is offered. As to the survival of the newspaper, I think that will not last too much longer. I am pretty happy with this, probably only because it saves trees and their is no use to really prints out thousands of copies of a paper for people to view something they could view on their phone. Although this is going to slowly make humans more attached to their electronic devices I think this is something that is happening whether we like it or not so may as well embrace the ways our electronic devices are being used positively more so than the 'negative' ways. They are being used to learn more and engage people with their culture.

As to what journalism is; I think this is extremely flexible. Journalism is really whatever the reader/viewer wants it to be. Journalism is different to everyone and what they perceive as journalism which can vary between all types of potential journalism. In my eyes I think anything talking about current or relevant issues is journalism. I believe it should be true. In no way are trashy tabloids journalism when they are putting out lies, that's bullshit. It is basically written gossip and the 'journalists' that write tabloids are basically trash that are desperate for money or to make a name for themselves even if it is based off projecting lies to naive Americans trying to believe the worst out of the people they adore and idolize. Some of these stories may be the truth but I really do not believe it is journalism when they are trashing and bullying people, no matter their social ranking. Recently The National Enquirer recently posted a story on their website called "Die, Daddy, Die!" this story may be a true story but it is trash. That is not journalism. Stories as stupid as that cannot be called journalism just because they are just so idiotic. That may contradict other beliefs but personally, I just don't think so.

Sorry, that was a heated paragraph but one thing I think Americans need to realize. Deciding what is and isn't journalism is really up to the reader, and what people want to read/view is really all up to them. I think I have used the word journalism the maximum amount of times one can in a blog, so let's end with that, journalism.

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