Wednesday, March 23, 2016

chu chu chu oice

Every human on this whole earth no matter black, white, red, orange, yellow, tall, short, skinny, fat, makes at least 59 choices every day. The choice to go to work or to stay home. The choice to pick the boy with the blonde hair or the brown hair. These are normal choices for every one. Journalists are faced with different choices. They have to choose whether to write the front page article on a suicide in the middle of Times Square or to write about the woman who adopted 500 puppies. They can play it safe or, they can risk it all. Although not everyone goes through this, journalists have it sometimes tougher than others. Covering someones untimely death may be hard and risky and edgy, but thats what people read. A respected journalist is able to bug people and in my eyes I think thats what they should be doing. Every article they write I think should make people mad and if I was able to write like that I would be proud. Although you are making people mad you are making them think enough about your article to stir up peoples emotions and make them feel something towards the article enough to say to their friend "Hey, did you see what _____ posted in the New York Times the other day? Absolutely terrible I hate them!" As much as some people would not be able to handle being hated by people, I think as long as they are talking about you, you are doing something right.

As much as I would enjoy the making-people-mad part of journalism that is not always the way people go. Some journalists make the choice to go with a very soft and nice article that people skim through and smile at and say how cute, but anger will always over power that. Let's say your boyfriend cheats on you, you still love him but you are SO angry at him there is no way you can still be with him. Love, in my own opinion, is one of the strongest emotions you can feel and yet anger still overcomes it. So personally, if my world ever ends up coming to be a journalist I think I would make the choice to write edgy articles that piss people off because in the end, anger over comes all other emotions, even love.

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