Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Future

This week we have been working on projects talking about and showing the different ways we think journalism could potentially be headed in. Although a lot of these may be extremely outlandish and odd I do not think there was a single idea that was outlandish enough to put past this world. The things we have discovered and the technology we have invented are unreal and thinking back 50 years I bet some of the resources we have available to ourselves, with easy access, are things that our grandparents never would of even thought possible. Now, with the evolution of all these devices and enhancements to our devices come with different ways of hearing of current events.

The way we went about trying to think of ways that journalism could head into was inserting a chip into your occipital lobe after age 18 and then the viewer can see whenever they choose to whatever they want to, right through your eyes. The viewer would have to option to turn it on and off and others would not know when they had it on. Once activated they would have an option between local news and national news and other extra extensions you can get installed, for lack of better terms. The viewer would be able to essentially zone out and would be able to hear if they are watching a video with extra parts of the chip that connect to your hearing, although that would be extra.

Another group who's project I was able to look at designed sort of like a tablet app. When it was opened you would have multiple choices as to what kind of story you would read and then the app/tablet would alter to what you really enjoyed. I think they were going less into the future than we were and thats ok because what they talked about was really something I can see someone inventing now but I don't know how many people would buy a tablet just to watch the news when they could slide right on snapchat and read the same stuff a lot more easily. I liked the thought of how convenient it is but I am not interested in the news enough nor do I watch it on a daily basis so I feel like it would not have much use for me.

Reflection: I joined my group kind of late because I was gone for 2 days so Brian and Karrisa already had the idea, but I helped make the project slide show on Google slides and that is all we really had to do. I talked to them about the project a bit too which was kind of cool because Brian had some really smart ideas and thoughts about the whole thing.


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