Friday, May 27, 2016

Media Ownership \_(ツ)_/

The role of traditional newspaper has changed dramatically just in the past 10 years. Before you went to the internet to get all your information for news you really only had TV, radio and the newspaper. On TV they aren't constantly broadcasting breaking news, they have specified times where people come on and report. It may have been inconvenient for people, but you always turned on the radio at the top of the hour because if you wanted to be informed on the news and what was happening in the world, you listened. Then there's the people who just solely relied on getting their news every Sunday when the Star Tribune was delivered to their doorstep. Now, you can just log onto the internet and all the most recent is just thrown in your face. I think most of my news comes from the social media feeds and also being forced in history class to watch CNN students news. Not that that is a bad thing, I am happy that is part of my day because the news I read about on my twitter feed and when I slide right on my snapchat and read the stories there differ so much in basically the fact that one is important and one is not. Learning of Obamas trip to the site of the Hiroshima bombing and reading a cosmo article on school dress codes are two totally different things. As much as I hate to say it, sadly I prefer the latter. I think our generation is very ignorant to what happens in the world and I think we really only care about ourselves and stuff that happens that affects our life directly. If I want to find out something I just log on and type it in and see what people are tweeting about it. The role of the traditional newspaper now I think is for people who don't really always have access to check news sources online, and for people that are just so used to it. All older generations have been reading the newspaper their whole lives and that is just how they get their news but I think printed out newspaper publication will slowly dwindle down every year our generation grows up and does not subscribe and support the industry, until their are virtually none being printed anymore.

I don't really see any danger in people being able to choose their sources and being exposed to only things that interest them besides the fact that if someone is only reading about stuff that interests them how are they supposed to learn about other things that are going on around them, to me it's a little selfish or ignorant. If you really want to just read about things that interest you, fine. But I think you should take some time to learn about something else. I think no matter how much fun you have reading quirky news about your favorite celebrities you should try and equally educate yourself on the stuff you may not be as interested in that is happening in the world because I think a lot of people would be better off and basically the whole world would be if most people were more informed on important economic and political issues. Our generation can't really expect to be ignorant to all this their whole lives and someday expect to be the next president of the united states. We need to inform ourselves on issues and mistakes being made now or else we are basically screwed when we are expected to be the law makers and judges and such.

In my future I will most likely not subscribe to the newspaper or anything because there is no chance I would read it. Why pay extra to waste paper and have it brought to my home when I can just download a free news app and get the same information on my phone wherever I am without having to carry around a huge thing of papers.

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