Friday, May 27, 2016

Fake News !!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@!@!@!!!!!

I really enjoyed this unit on satire news. I love reading ClickHole and like websites and just the weird hilarious stuff they come up with this. Before this I was not aware of what The Daily Show put out there or was. To me this is definitely a way of news and an efficient one. I like that there is humor in the way they tell the stories and a lot of sarcasm but at the same time you are still learning about things that are going on. It makes people interested enough to read or watch it but then also they are actually being educated in a form. I do not think that it is overall a better way to have news reported. People still need the real facts and if they have all sarcastic and (somewhat) twisted facts it would not end well. When people talk about the news with other people and are discussing things they wouldn't really be able to have a genuine conversation about it because the facts would be real, but not always completely accurate.

I think traditional media outlets could definitely benefit from adding a little satire to their webpages and such. I do not think all of the new on their should always be satiric because people in older generations that have been getting their news from this source their whole lives and are used to it would most likely not enjoy it, and would probably think it is stupid. I don't think that they can change their ways too much. Yes, that would increase viewers but, then there would be the regular viewers who would decide that they don't like the way they're reporting now and then switch to a different news source. But adding a little bit of satire to a blog or news website I think would be beneficial for millennials and the younger generation because basically we love humour. I just think satire is very useless when there is no truth behind it. I get you have to twist it a little bit (and sometimes a lot) but I think overall it should cover a important topic, with actual facts. But that is only if it is on a traditional news site. I think ClickHole and the Onion should keep being their own outlandish brand because that is what people love about satiric websites like that.

The fact that only 10% of teens have an interest in news surprises me. Teenagers are always informed of what is going on because of their social networking. Although they might not be sitting down and watching the 5 o'clock news (because yes, it is boring), they still are informed but just have a different way of getting it. The only reason I think that they are saying that it is reported poorly is because it's not what they are used to and it's mostly facts and no humor. More teenagers would enjoy news sources like The Daily Show. On the other hand it does not surprise me at all that 66% of teenagers only get their news from the front page of whatever their search engine is on their computer. Most teenagers get on the computer to look up answers to their homework or check social media not to go to their favorite news reporting website and read all the breaking news stories.

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