Friday, May 27, 2016

What Does Your News Say About You?

I do not even want to know what my news sources say about me. It is probably really embarrassing. Considering the only time I read any type of news outside of school it comes from my social media feeds it is probably really ignorant to important things happening in the world. I try my best to educate myself on important social issues that are more real in this world than Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian breaking up but really cannot help what I care about and I truly do not care to read a world about new bills being passed in this state and I think that is mainly cause I am selfish but what else can you really do? No chance I am going to force myself to sit down and watch a news broadcast about something I care nothing about when there are so many better things I could be doing with my time.

Growing up I think the only news I ever really heard was being picked up from daycare and riding in the car home with my mom and not talking when the 4 o'clock news turned on. I think that is basically the only news I was exposed to besides reading my cousins Tiger Pop magazines about the Sprouse brothers (who have both only gotten better looking with age). I would listen to my parents conversations about politics and I remember them occasionally telling me about something happening in the world that might affect my family. When the Iraq war started I remember being a 2nd grader being sat down by my parents and having basically them dumb down an explanation of what a war is and how my dad might have to leave for 10 months to go "stop the bad guys". That is probably the only news I really heard until I got a cell phone.

As much as I would hate to say it, my phone has changed my life. I am probably extremely addicted to it and rely on it more than I should. But with that, I definitely feel like I have also learned a lot of things. Although some of those things may be useless and knowing how to cut a oversize t-shirt in 14 different outfit ideas is NEVER going to come in handy I think I have also learned a bunch of beneficial things too. I think there are a lot more benefits to have the whole world wide web in our pockets every day than there are harms, if you use it correctly. Obviously some kids are going to only pay attention to their Kim Kardashian game and social media sites but their are also thousands of people that don't care to pick up a newspaper on a Saturday morning. We just need to learn to use all the technology available to us in more appropriate ways than not.  I think learning to be more tech-savvy and understanding how to do a lot more things on a computer than some of the older generations is definitely going to come in handy for us. Technology is inevitably the future and knowing this young how to already maneuver through is so well is going to help the advancement of technology as we get older so much.

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