Thursday, June 9, 2016

discussion !!!!!!!!

I want to discuss technology in school and how much it should be allowed. Is it too much a distraction for students to have cell phones or does it enhance what they can do in the classroom, or set them back? I think all teachers have different opinions on this, and I really think it depends on the curriculum being taught that determines whether or not it sets them back more than it pushes them forward.

In a Boston Globe article about cell phone  use in the classroom, they refer to students use of cell phones in the classroom as "the most vexing issue of the digital age for teachers". The article talks about how teachers can deal with this issue and if taking away the students cell phone is really the most effective way to deal with the issue. Lowell High School history teacher Miriam Morgenstern explains that part of her retirement was the rising use of teens texting, snapchatting, and checking their social media during her class. She complains that it is too hard to compete for the students attention with a funny YouTube video and it is wearing her down. The article also addresses the useful ways the internet is used in class on their smartphones. Students comment on classmates English blogs, and turn their Physics homework in on an app. These are ways cell phone use can enhance how our generation learns, but overway do the pros outway the cons, or vice versa?

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